Creating Web Applications On The Go

‘Creating Web Applications On The Go’, by Frank Winchester Available in the Amazon Kindle Store here. To read this book, download the Kindle Reading App for your iPad, iPhone, Android device, Windows phone, Blackberry etc here.     Review: by Kyle Welsh (contributor Reddit)   This book is intended to give the reader a comprehensive taster into creating web applications. The book steers clear of technical jargon and explains the processes involved in creating web applications. An ideal companion for those of you starting out on your journey, the book shows you how to create dynamic and responsive web applications. Due for release very shortly, the book adopts a plain English approach and its back to basics style will suit both beginners and those fancying a refresher course … Continue reading Creating Web Applications On The Go

WordPress Security Essentials

  ‘WordPress Security Essentials: For Webtrepreneurs, Web Designers And Information Security Professionals’, by James King Available in the Amazon Kindle Store here. To read this book, download the Kindle Reading App for your iPad, iPhone, Android device, Windows phone, Blackberry etc here. Review: by Ronnie McGee (contributor Reddit, The Shelf) ‘WordPress Security Essentials: For Webtrepreneurs, Web Designers and Information Security Professionals’ , by James King (author of The Future SEO: For Your Ecommerce Website) explains the basics in protecting your WordPress website from hacking attempts and malware attacks from intruders. It also goes beyond the basic and explains how to protect WordPress websites from the advanced attacks and explains what to do in the event you think your WordPress website may have been compromised. It also includes a handy … Continue reading WordPress Security Essentials

The Future Web: 3.0 And Beyond

‘The Future Web: 3.0 And Beyond’, by Janice Lane Available in the Amazon Kindle Store here. To read this book, download the Kindle Reading App for your iPad, iPhone, Android device, Windows phone, Blackberry etc here. Review: by Alex Manningham (guest contributor TechCrunch, Reddit)   Web 3.0 is here, but what does the future of the web hold for consumers, marketers, developers, Information security professionals and .legislators?   This book shows the way during the transition from Web 2.0 to 3.0, documenting the likely changes in the webscape and offering practical advice on how to harness its power and stay safe. Janice Lane is like a female Nostradamus of the tech world here and on sparkling form in her second book (her first digital book ‘The Complete Pinterest’ is available … Continue reading The Future Web: 3.0 And Beyond

The Future Javascript: Object Orientated Programming And Beyond

  ‘The Future Javascript: Object Orientated Programming And Beyond’, by Dr. S Grisedale Available in the Amazon Kindle Store here. To read this book, download the Kindle Reading App for your iPad, iPhone, Android device, Windows phone, Blackberry etc here. Review: by Jonty Lynch (contributor Reddit, The Shelf Network, Hubspot)   If you need to deploy JavaScript to write client-side, server-side, web applications and desktop applications then this book is for you. It is also an excellent reference for troubleshooting Javascript installations in the cloud computing sphere with practical examples and scenarios. Throughout the book you will find all of the code examples you need, all carefully coded, tailor made and ready for your projects. You will learn a great deal. The examples are accompanied by well written text, each having … Continue reading The Future Javascript: Object Orientated Programming And Beyond

The Future SEO: For Your E-Commerce Website

  ‘The Future SEO: For Your E-Commerce Website’, by James King Available in the Amazon Kindle Store here. To read this book, download the Kindle Reading App for your iPad, iPhone, Android device, Windows phone, Blackberry etc here. Review: by Michael Connor (contributor Reddit, TechCrunch) What are likely to be the future trends in SEO for 2016 and beyond? This book will greatly appeal to and be devoured by professional Web Designers, SEO & Social Media professionals in that it neatly explores expected future trends in SEO and the direction its key elements such as content management, content marketing and on … Continue reading The Future SEO: For Your E-Commerce Website

The Future UI/UX: From The Ground Up

‘The Future UI/UX: From The Ground Up’, by Kate Owen Available in the Amazon Kindle Store here. . To read this book, download the Kindle Reading App for your iPad, iPhone, Android device, Windows phone, Blackberry etc here.   Review: by Nate Werrill (contributor Reddit, Tech Consultant MiniMal Design)   This new book (available on pre-order only at the time of writing), not only gives you an insight into the basics of UI/UX development and beyond it also peers into the crystal ball and explains what the future of UI/UX could look like. Kate Owen also expertly covers topics such as UI/UX and project management models, constraints in design innovation, deploying heuristic techniques, application design in eCommerce and advice for new designers and Startups.   ‘The Future UI/UX: From The … Continue reading The Future UI/UX: From The Ground Up

Building Better Responsive Websites

‘Building Better Websites’, by David Jackson. Available in the Amazon Kindle Store here.  To read this book, download the Kindle Reading App for your iPad, iPhone, Android device, Windows phone, Blackberry etc here.   Review: by Leigh Marshall (Reddit, The Shelf Network) HTML5 and CSS3 are web languages, which are in the base of the vast majority of web sites and web applications. HTML5 the latest version of HTML is the future of the web, offering simple rich Internet Application capabilities, easier development, and enhanced user experience. This book teaches the reader to implement the powerful new multimedia and interactive capabilities offered by HTML5 & CSS3, including style control tools, all the programming skills you will need, setting up databases, setting up blogs, making the most … Continue reading Building Better Responsive Websites

A Middle Earth Dictionary

  A treat for bargain hunters of First Edition books now sadly out of print but available to read on your Computer, Tablet, Kindle Reader & Phone using the Kindle App (download link below). For Amazon Kindle Reader – For Android From Google Play – This great book is billed as the be all and end all to explaining the language and meanings of the fantasy Middle Earth world inhabited by Men, Hobbits, Elves, Dwarfs etc and it certainly won’t disappoint both diehard and casual visitors as it contains everything you need both before watching the films and after. This electronic Kindle Book is a godsend. As there is practically zero chance of you finding a bound copy It is a weighty tome that works well on the Amazon Kindle and of course can be read on other Kindle app enabled devices usually Android and including the iPhone/iPad. It has enough going for it to make you want to return to it and is a book you can read in one go or keep as a reference to dip into often (as I keep doing). There is some great stuff in here that you will remember from the films and books (the latest is covered).It is a veritable well of information on the languages Tolkien conjured up for the Middle Earth World (Hobbit, Dwarven, Rohirric and Sindarin) that compelled me to want to read it over again. What makes this book special? The beautiful attention to detail of the phrases and language construction especially the Elven language. It satisfies the fan base and is good for attracting new generations of Middle Earth and The Hobbit The Lord of The Rings etc film franchise and book fans. Five Stars for this. Todd O’Shoughnessy, The Legends of Middle Earth Community. For Amazon Kindle Reader – Android Devices … Continue reading A Middle Earth Dictionary

The Round Table. Original 1817 Out of Print Edition

This book is long out of print and finally available in digital media format on to read on your Computer, Tablet, Kindle Reader & Phone using the Kindle App (download link below). 50% off cover price for a limited time only. Available in the Amazon Kindle Store only $3.99/£2.49 (Button Redirects to Harper’s Round Table Page And Checkout): You can read it on your tablet and phone Download the Kindle App from iTunes, Google Play etc or from Amazon here Continue reading The Round Table. Original 1817 Out of Print Edition

Gobolinks (Or Shadow Pictures) First Edition

  The fictional account of theGobolinks by Ruth McEnery Stuart & Albert Bigelow Paine is said to be the inspiration  behind Rorschach ink blot tests. This first edition (now sadly out of print) is fully illustrated and the original is fully recreated in digital media format on 50% off cover price for a limited time only. Available in the Amazon Kindle Store only $4.95/£2.95 (Button Redirects to Gobolinks Page And Checkout): You can read it on your tablet and phone Download the Kindle App from iTunes, Google Play etc or from Amazon here   Continue reading Gobolinks (Or Shadow Pictures) First Edition